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Samuel Ayton

After studying for 3 years at Teesside University on an Early Childhood Studies degree I began early years teacher training through the Stockton-on-Tees SCITT programme. The programme gave me the opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge in teaching young children. Through carefully planned training courses and lots of time spent in school, I gained the knowledge needed to become a primary teacher. The programme is very well organised by professionals who really know what goes on in schools today. The schools I spent my placements at were very welcoming and supportive. I cannot recommend this course enough as a practical way of getting into teaching. Spending a lot of hands on, practical time in school was really beneficial in gaining knowledge and experience. I am now an NQT teaching year 1!

Video Transcript

Why did you want to train with Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

So the reason that I want to train with Stockton SCITT was because from research now Stockton is an outstanding provider and actually come in and check it out, met some of the people and it was a really good atmosphere and going to school in Stockton myself I knew some of the schools pretty decent and I like a lot of the places that I’ve been to before and being from the local area just meant that it was really accessible for me and it was a really enjoyable experience at all time and definitely glad that I chose this place.

What did you think of the quality of the central training?

The quality of the training provided by the course was brilliant or so I thought the actual people that come in and deliver the courses are really approachable they’ll get you through everything you need to know and encouraged to ask questions to find out more some things that if you think that it hasn’t been covered they’ll then cover it if you ask. Really enjoyable sessions to be honest and also helped by the fact the people that I was with we all got on really well but the actual quality of the course was really good, really really enjoyable and actually although it comes at you think and fast my first couple of week as soon as I got into school I realized how much I actually had learned and it makes a massive difference before you actually get into school so it’s a really really good and really good training process.

Did you feel supported by the Partnership during your training?

Given support by the package it’s massively important obviously you want to feel like you can go to people with any questions or problems you might have. For me when I was on that and one of my placements I found that some things were going as I wanted them to but I was easily able to approach the people on the course help out and then get everything sorted so there was no issues at the end of the day. So anything that you want sort of is there for you to take advantage of and you’ll get through it, you have days when you think later on oh no I’m doing terrible but you get the support that you need and everyone gets though at the end and it’s a really good process.

Did your training prepare you for your teaching NQT year?

So I felt that the training did definitely prepare me for my NQT year, fortunately I have been able to secure a job for next year as most people on my course have which to me just shows we’re all prepared and that we’ve interviewed well. Schools have seen in us that we have certain qualities that you need to be a teacher, Which obviously I owe to the course really. So the parts of when you’re actually in school and the things you learn when you’re training in the training sessions as well and all these things that add up in the end this bank of knowledge that you just didn’t really know half the time where you got it from but you end up there when you can get yourself a job and I definitely feel like I’m in a much better position going into an NQT year than some people who might have been on a different style of course just because the way the course is run the way that I’ve been able to be in schools, our schools we learn a lot of things from and be ready for it at least I feel I am so hopefully all goes well.

Would you recommend Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

I would definitely recommend the Stockton on Tees Training Partnership because for me means that I can go on next year like I’ve said to get a job and the same has happened for other people. That a number of other people that are on the course as well and like I say the people that you train with their definitely approachable any questions can be answered and you definitely go through a lot of stuff as well so there’s nothing I think coming to the end of the year I’m not sure about having to my evidence file on both standards I knew I’ve covered them I knew I’ve done it and secondly the way we are checked up on at the schools, the mentors that you have within these schools are brilliant as well so definitely a good course and I think you do benefit from being in schools a lot which is definitely something you should consider when applying for this course.

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