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Roger Brown

Video Transcript

Why did you want to train with Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

It’s difficult to know what to do isn’t it there’s so many different providers of training and but for me it always had to be one that was going to get me in the classroom as soon as possible and so I could actually see what its like to teach so I’d gone for the sort of SCITT approach and then I looked around to see what was available and the reputation of Stockton just grabbed my attention immediately so I think it was always going to be them.

What did you think of the quality of the Central training?

I think it does come down to people doesn’t it you want to be with people who you feel absolutely confident in every stage, every week, every day of the course I felt that I had everything I needed from the staff, they are very experienced, your privileged to be with a range of inspirational practitioners who between them have got hundreds of years of experience in the and the little stories they throw in that bring their teaching to life and make you think yeah I want to do this it’s a great team and like all good teams they’ve pulled in more people around them so you’ve got a really good quality set of people who support you. I think teaching is not easy and if you’re going to do something that’s difficult you need to have good people around you and Stockton SCITT there is a partnership that’s always there for me you’ve got the central training staff who are delivering quality training and then you’ve got the PGCE element which is given the background theory and then when you go out into the classroom that’s the really key bit where you get to test what you’ve been taught and I was looking at the schools were absolutely brilliant top drawer schools so you’ve got the input there from good colleagues who treat you as one of them so altogether I could not have been more supported.

Did your training prepare you for your teaching NQT year?

At the end of the day it’s a practical thing, teaching is about what you can do in the classroom and I chose the SCITT course because that would get me in the classroom and get me some quality time there as soon as possible and that’s what I got so now that I’m in my own NQT year. I feel Iike I’ve known how to walk the halls and know the classroom environment I feel comfortable there at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about what you do in the classroom and I got that from the SCITT course.

Would you recommend Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

Would I recommend the partnership? In a heartbeat yes absolutely they gave me everything I wanted and more in my training year and now also that made my NQT year I’m still in the area I’m still getting support from that same partnership. It’s the same people they absolutely know what they’re doing and I feel like I’m in safe hands.

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