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Rachel Beadnall

Video Transcript

Why did you want to train with Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

So I decided to train with Stockton on tees teacher training partnership. First of all when I was doing my research I saw that it was rated outstanding by Osted which is obviously brilliant and another thing was comparing it to PGCE I realize they were like a lot more time in schools which I thought would be really beneficial and because for me I think that’s the most important getting as much experience as possible and with the students.

What did you think of the quality of the Central training?

The quality of the central training I thought was brilliant and we used to have before we actually started teaching we would have sessions every day and the sessions were often provided by an outside consultant who obviously specialists in their areas but what I also enjoyed was the fact that we had a lot of sessions by teachers so they give their own personal experience, they had hands-on experience in the classroom so they really know what they were talking about and some of the training was done at the Stockton sixth form but some of the training was actually done in schools as well so that was nice to be in the school environment and they were very interactive we used to do lots of different activities in groups, individual and so it was never boring and it was always felt really beneficial.

Did you feel supported by the Partnership during your training?

During my training I felt really supported by the partnership and I had a great relationship with my partnership rep who used to come into school and to see me once a term but we also had a few meetings throughout the year and he was always really supportive if I have any problems he was always glad to help and that’s exactly the same with the two mentors that I had in both of my placement schools both of them made me feel really comfortable they. They made be feel like if I did have any problems it was fine to ask them. No problem seemed to silly or too big so throughout the year it was just it really helped me knowing that I had those people there to go to if I did ever have a problem.

Did your training prepare you for your teaching NQT year?

I feel the training prepared me really well my NQT because throughout the year everything built up gradually and so by the end of the training year by the summer term we were doing 80% time table which is obviously great preparation for us for the NQT year which is going to be 90% and also all of the training sessions centrally and in school give lots of insight into what we’ll be needing to do in the NQT year and that will all be really helpful for us in the future.

Would you recommend Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

I’d definitely recommend the training partnership for anybody in the future. Throughout the year I felt so supported by everybody, by the partnership rep, by the people who have delivered the training sessions, by people in schools and I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people who were also training on the course whether that’s in primary or secondary and I feel like its been such a positive experience even at time its been difficult, I wouldn’t change anything and I do feel like it’s really prepared me for the NQT year and for years to come.

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