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Moya Dawson

Video Transcript

Why did you want to train with Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

The reason that I wanted to train with Stockton-on-tees partnership mainly because it was a SCITT and so it was school centered initial teacher training which kind meant I knew that the experience was going to be more centered in school rather than obviously know quite a lot about PGCE where its kind of more focused having the lecture side of it and then shorter placements and I felt with my subject because I wanted to study to be a drama teacher with my subject I would get a lot more experience and I think I’ve learned a lot more about being a drama teacher through doing it as part of a SCITT rather than solely as a PGCE and then obviously when I looked into it more the reason that I chose Stockton as well was because they offer the PGCE side of it so not only do you get your QTS qualification but you do get the PGCE side which I know kind of a lot of people think well what’s the point in it but particularly for subjects like drama it’s a lot more experience and more qualifications that it kind of helps and it enables you to work anywhere rather than just having the SCITT side of it you also have the degree side of it but obviously offers the extra master credits as well which I thought was quite a good opportunity and I’m from Middlesbrough so its local so yeah.

What did you think of the quality of the Central training?

The quality of central training I thought was excellent and I couldn’t fault it really it was nice to have so many different specialist come in and speak to you about the different areas that they were obviously a specialist in the area which I think helped other than just having a set few people that kind of led the same thing that you kind of love a bit of interest but because there was a mix of professional that either worked for Stockton itself or worked actually in schools it was nice to have that different experience so I know there was quite a few kind of specialists that come and speak to you and lead different session that then when you went into placements in school you got the opportunity to work with them so you kind of felt a bit more comfortable because you all knew them in a sense because they had been there.

Did you feel supported by the Partnership during your training?

It’s part of Stockton training there’s lots and lots of different people that you are supported by so you’ve kind of got a different sort of hierarchy in a way of people that specialize in looking after you and I think for example I was the only drama trainee student in my year so I knew that even though I was kind of the only student there was a number of professionals that are kind of there to support me and I mean you’ve obviously got your mentors in school when you go into your placement there’s obviously lots of different people within school but it was nice to kind of have the other side of it where you’ve got professionals from Stockton itself like your partnership rep and governing body leader and that they’re kind of there if you need any extra help or support or if you’ve got a question that cant be answered in school you know that you can kind of email them or drop them a text or whatever.

Did your training prepare you for your teaching NQT year?

I think the partnership and the whole course and part being a SCITT between SCITT and trainee student under Stockton. I think it did kind of support me really well in training me for my NQT year and I was kind of lucky enough to start my NQT year and well to start my job slightly earlier than others just because solely kind of landed on my feet really actually starting my job in may rather than in September so it was kind of nice to apply my skills that I learned throughout the year straightaway and even though I was still training and I was still getting the observations I was kind of more left on my own basis I was kind of officially a teacher in some sense a lot earlier so I think definitely having the training and the knowledge and the experience just helped me with my teaching so much because I think if I hadn’t had at it all I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the knowledge to be able to do the job so early on.

Would you recommend Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

I definitely recommend Stockton on tees teacher training partnership for anybody that’s wanting to become a teacher you just learn so much I think it prepares you for the future in so many different ways and the amount of people and the whole team behind it that are there to support you and they just support you throughout everything and even though kind of towards the end of the SCITT some people might move to different councils or might move away its nice that Stockton is still always there kind of questioning and keeping in touch to make sure you are getting everything that you need within your NQT year so I think its nice that it doesn’t just stop at the SCITT side of it it continues throughout your NQT side of it and it continues like throughout your teaching career.

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