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Chloe Goodchild

Video Transcript

Why did you want to train with Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

So I chose Stockton SCITT because it’s got an outstanding reputation, I love the fact that your in school all the time and doing training inside schools and I know people who have done it in the past and it’s worked out really well.

What did you think of the quality of the Central training?

So the quality central training was great it was delivered by excellent teacher and consultant and it was really tailored to your needs so they look at our strengths and areas of development at first it was nice for it throughout the year to be progressively added to. And yeah it was really good it would really help towards it and it had a good balance between the central training and school training so that was good.

Did you feel supported by the Partnership during your training?

I felt really supported by the partnership they were always an email away and they were always around to have a chat with if you needed to.

Did your training prepare you for your teaching NQT year?

I feel really prepared for my NQT year and I think that’s because of the fact that I’ve been teaching for near enough a year. Another thing that drew me to this course was the fact that you are teaching and that this really prepares you as opposed to the other courses where its only a few days or a few weeks and its just nice to get a feel for the school and to be a teacher for that time that you’re there and I think that that definitely prepares you for your own NQT year.

Would you recommend Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

So I highly recommend Stockton SCITT to anybody its been a great year you get lots of support I love being in the schools, some brilliant schools and one of my friends had a great experience as well.

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