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Paul Olone

Video Transcript

Why did you want to train with Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

So when it came to finding a training provider obviously like everyone else had a look around and with my degree being a bit different I’m a psychology student with my degree and some places were a bit do we go with a secondary teacher but they actually took on board my past experience of working in a school etc and that worked out in my favor and other than that how could I not want to work with Stockton, you know that it’s renowned for the teachers it creates, their outstanding element identified by Ofsted and to have that so close to home it was my number one choice there was no other one I wanted to go for I actually didn’t go for any one else it was Stockton or nothing.

What did you think of the quality of the Central training?

So when it comes to the training element of the course who better to teach you how to be a teacher than teachers that have been recognized as outstanding. Throughout the duration of the year I met not just a handful 4-5 I’ve met a vast number of teachers all bringing such a different variety to the mix primary, secondary, further education. Everyone brought something to the table and when you do want to go into that profession these people do it they know this inside out and they’re willing to share their experiences to create another outstanding teacher and that what more could you want these people know this job and teach you and they teach you very well and they are warm and hospitable they will do anything for you.

Did you feel supported by the Partnership during your training?

With the support that’s on offer from the partnership at some points throughout the year I did feel as though it was getting a bit too much but they were there instantly straightaway the ways around things and how to manage things better, time management and prioritizing. It wasn’t just a case of getting on with it on your own and left to your own devices the support was there. Like I said there was times when do get to a point like whoa this is a heavy load of work but with five minutes with Cliff, with your representative you just felt like everything leveled back out and your back on track and you’re ready to take on the next day of teaching.

Did your training provider prepare you for your teaching NQT year?

So within the NQT year you are within the classroom from day one your there on the get go there’s no sort of thinking about things or know if this is going to go well, no observations you were there you were teaching from 9 o’clock, Go! This the SCITT training prepares you for that you are not spending hours and hours in a lecture hall in a seminar you are there you are learning hands-on on the front line and that develops your whole ethos about how to teach. What appropriate behavior you want in your classroom its your environment and like I’ve said you’re in there from day one within the SCITT training. Yeah you do go out when you do your training courses but the majority of your time is spent in the classroom which where is important.

Would you recommend Stockton on Tees Teacher Training Partnership?

So when it comes to recommending people its not a case of would you it’s I have already number of people a number of people are supposed to want to break this profession to become a teacher I couldn’t recommend this course more. I’ve actually told a majority of people who were applying to Northumbria and Sunderland give this a try first it’s on your doorstep it’s in schools that will teach you amazing techniques it’s with people who care about you, what more could I want. My sisters two years away from finishing her actual degree and already is wanting to sign up, what can she do to prepare for this because she wants to be on the Stockton program no where else.

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